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Late Tax Filing? You May Have A Problem

Late Tax Filing

It has been quite some time since the Tax Day 2019 passed; the deadline to file taxes was April 15. If, for some reason, you could neither file your taxes nor call for an extension, it means that you are late with filing your 2018 taxes. As a law-abiding citizen, it is important to understand […]

Top 5 Red Flags For Filing Back Taxes

Top 5 Back Taxes

If you do not know how to file back taxes, you might be on a slippery slope. Back taxes occur when: You did not pay your tax in full You did not report all of your income You never filed a tax return Irrespective of your circumstances, once you fall into the trap of back […]

Renouncing US Citizenship for Tax Purposes – Good Idea?

Renouncing US Citizenship

Renouncing U.S. citizenship for tax purposes is something you shouldn’t do in a hassle. Before making such a life-changing decision, you must weigh all of your options. Some expats renounce their U.S. citizenship to stop paying taxes. It also relieves them from filing tax returns, a process that is complicate in itself. CLICK FOR BEST […]